Daily Packages

Jerusalem Highlights

From $ 71

Tour # 1 Western Wall, Church of Holy Sepulchre, Mt. Zion, Holocaust Museum Available in English, Spanish, French and German Departures (English): Daily

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Masada and Dead Sea

From $ 105

Tour # 2 Herod's fortress and palaces, Float in the Dead Sea Available in English, Spanish, French and German Departures (English): Daily

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Biblical Highlights of the Galilee

From $ 89

Tour # 3 Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Jordan River Available in English, Spanish, French and German Departures (English): Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

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Pearls of the western Galilee

From $ 103

Tour # 4 Caesarea, Haifa, Nahariya, Rosh Hanikra, Acre Available in English, Spanish, French and German Departures (English): Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays

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Jewish Highlights / 10 days / Friday Arrival

Available in English Visit the main spots from the past and the present. Live the history, lifestyles and nature of this interesting region. Take part of Bar Mitzvah ceremonies at the Kotel and enjoy spa facilities in the Dead Sea.

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Wonders of Israel / 13 days / Friday arrival (includes Eilat and optional Petra)

Available in English Discover Israel's incredible diversity of landscapes, history and cultures. Visit the Timna National Park, the resort town of Eilat, the ancient cities of Nazareth and Jerusalem, and much more.

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Israel, then and now / 10 days / Friday arrival

Available in English Go back to the past visiting ancient cities, synagogues and churches, meet the unique lifestyle of Druzes in Daliat El-Carmel, mystics in Safed and ultra-orthodox Jews in Jerusalem, and float on the Dead Sea.

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Israel Highlights / 9 days / Tuesday arrival

Available in English See the highlights of this wonderful country. Learn the history behind the walls of the old cities, meet different Israeli lifestyles, cover yourself with Dead Sea mud, and visit the center of Jewish mysticism.

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Group Packages

Catholic Pilgrimage Tour / 8 days

Visit the most sacred places in the Holy Land. Revive the footsteps of Jesus from his birth in Bethlehem, his childhood in Nazareth and throughout his journey of miracles and faith.

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Egypt, Jordan and Israel / 14 days

A charming and wonderful tour to the most prominent sites in Egypt, Jordan and Israel. From the great pyramids of Giza, the architectural feat of the Nabataeans in Petra to the holiest places of biblical Israel.

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Evangelical tour / 8 days

A journey to the places where your faith began. Experience a renewal of wedding vows as happened at Canaan of Galilee, enjoy a meal in holy Jerusalem, sail on a cruise on the Sea of Galilee and visit the biblical holy places.

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Incentive Program / 6 days

The best opportunity to motivate your employees with a trip full of unforgettable experiences. Segway tour on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, jeep ride through the Red Canyon, cruise in the fascinating coral reef of Eilat.

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